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Zermatt Rosterei

If you’ve been trained as a chef by the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Jason Atherton you can bet you will have acquired a very educated palette. Marián Podola is that man.


Marián is a 34-year-old hospitality professional and trained under Michelin star chefs, Gordon Ramsay and Jason Atherton. He has devoted quite a number of years to preparing wonderful fine food of many styles. Initially hired as a chef de partie in 2006 at the Absolute Taste London, he worked diligently through the ranks to become a senior chef de partie position with Maze London under Michelin-starred Jason Atherton. As senior sous chef he was sent over to Prague to help to open up the one star Maze, then onwards to the three starred Royal Hospital Road sauce section and a spell at the Fat Duck and Dinner in London. Since then he has enjoyed life as self employed executive chef and private cook at various high profile homes and estates across Europe. During that time he has honed his skills and excelled in his chosen profession and developed a keen sense of taste, refined palette, food styling and also good sense of people management.

Marián found himself in the Swiss Alps and the one thing he was disappointed in was the quality of the coffee available in his new home, Zermatt. Even in the most upmarket establishments in this world class resort the quality left something to be desired. Being a bit of a perfectionist he was not best pleased with the coffee he was serving up to his guests. 

Marián decided to stop complaining and do something about it. Over the last two years, Marián has put himself through education in roasting and brewing coffee. After having passed barista, brewista and roasting training courses recognised by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, Marián is now bringing his coffee knowledge and passion to the Swiss Alps with a chef’s approach to precision in mind. And his vision is proving to be a success and a much needed shot in the arm for coffee connoisseurs in Zermatt.

Marián invited me down to his shop to see the processes at first hand. I wasn’t quite there when I could smell the delicious coffee aromas permeating the mountain air. This must be the right place! I had no idea how precise and exacting the art of making consistently great coffee actually was. He took me through the steps of roasting and protocols. Grinding, brewing ratios, extractions to hundreds of flavour notes which could be found in coffee bean.

He stressed how accurate the temperatures and the timing was to exactly repeat each roast he offers. A laptop was on hand with a temp graph, very scientific, to exactly match previous batches, in all aspects, so the taste was consistent. He uses Brazilian, Ethiopian and Colombian beans to make his blends and it was interesting to read the posters and infographics on his wall about the source and growing condition required to make the finest coffee beans. Mario told me he is currently preparing for refurbishment and starting to work with Zermatt Tourism. A Bigger roasting machine is being build as we speak to be able to provide  even more of the delicious beans to all people of Zermatt and across Alps.

Mario, as his Zermatt friends have christened him, is also keen to share his knowledge with anyone interested in the art of making great coffee. He holds workshops for a nominal fee and I would think it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours if you have any interest in coffee at all. He’ll show you the quite large array of coffee brewing devices and discuss all aspects of the process. What you will learn will definitely improve your own coffee making skills, without doubt. His operation is a one stop shop for all things concerning the roasting, grinding and making of coffee. You get to taste the coffee and you’ll go away with a bag of beans that I’m betting you can’t wait to turn into your very first cup of Zermatt Rosterei coffee and I’m betting it won’t be your last.