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Ski-in ski-out: No longer the ultimate necessity for your perfect luxury chalet

The chauffeur is waiting to whisk you to the piste outside your luxury ski chalet

You’ve narrowed down your personal recommendations page to a few perfect properties. However, there is still that inherent creeping concern when you read you are three chauffeur driven minutes from the pistes and ski lifts. That niggle is hard to quell. Particularly with your multi generational group complete with mixed skiing abilities and certain family members for whom skiing leaves them cold. Please excuse that terrible pun.


We promise you that you aren’t the only one feeling like this. This is a common worry when speaking to friends who just want to ensure that everyone in the party is happy. As your friends in high places, please let us reassure you that despite the lack of ski-in ski-out idyll, this will truly be everyone’s favourite week. Honestly. 

We understand that for those snow deprived weeks of the year there is that craving to hear and feel that satisfying click as your ski boots are reunited with your skis. Imagining that alongside the joy of just stepping out of your luxury boot room. The waft of coffee and the “oh why not” of another pastry used to lure you towards that open door and the pistes beyond. 

That utter joy at not needing to walk any distance in ski boots with that impending doom of skis sliding off of your shoulders, whilst thwacking a passer by with the ski pole that made a bid for freedom. Oh and your glove, you see that bedraggled in the snow behind you. Now for the ungainly squat, ensuring everything remains balanced, no ski skews off of your shoulder, your pole isn’t jammed in the floor leading to awkward toppling. You hover, you stretch, you grab it. What a sense of achievement. Now to re-balance the whole lot and walk like you own the resort.

Perish the alternative option, which we promise to say quickly and in hushed tones, of even contemplating a ski bus. Your youngest will fight her way on with the only fashion a five year old can get away with. Surely she will be allowed a seat? Otherwise it’s that ungainly hold on tight whilst your ski boots slide to the opposite corner of the bus as you turn the corner. The mere thought sends shivers down our skis. 

We also know that you have standards. We aren’t going to allow you to stay in a high-rise purpose built block just to enable you to be able to say you were ski-in ski-out. 

Instead, imagine that perfect chalet you first laid eyes on. With that state of the art cinema room, a to die for wellness suite, a library for Giles to hibernate in when the children get too much, a wine cellar and a games room. We know what it is like to fall for the one. How about not even having to step foot on the snow?

Instead, walk straight out of your front door and step into your immaculate dedicated chauffeur driven vehicle. Ben has already worked out the timings for Tilly’s ski lessons, factoring in the minor meltdown when she steps in a puddle of snow instead of her ski boot. Sock changes are taken in your stride. You haven’t even noticed that her skis have already been loaded into the boot in such a position to ensure a swift exit for the ski school. Bottles of water on stand by, ski snacks neatly wrapped by your attentive ski host and piste maps poking out of seat pockets. Lip balms and tissues are standing proud in their own little basket. Everything necessary to ensure the smooth operation of that strategic conquering of the fourth valley has been thought out for you. You now relish those precious three chauffeur driven minutes of calm, whilst you chauffeur navigates snow clearing machines and knows the exact timely shortcut to ensure you weren’t even aware there was a hold up. Do you think you can take him home with you for the morning school run?

There is the idyll that for children learning to ski, nothing can beat ski-in ski-out. However, the reality is that for children learning to ski, it’s rare that your perfect chalet will be on the precise gradient that enables their little legs to master pizza and chip style moves all the way to the boot room door. There will be a far greater chance of enjoying tomorrow if they can maneuver their way down the slopes they have come to know with their instructor and then be swiftly taken home to warm up. After all, energy needs to be saved for their very own indoor swimming pool and afternoon tea.

We promise that there will also be no waiting for buses if you decide that actually today is a popcorn and cinema room kind of day in your luxury catered chalet, whilst the white out draws in. Your chauffeur will be there like a knight in shinning black VW Caravelle armour to whisk you home. If you decide later that you really do need to venture out, perhaps we could tempt you to our favourite patisserie in town? Or indulge in a little spot of retail therapy. You know who to call to make it happen. 

Equally, for the non-skiers in your party who are possibly feeling rather alarmed and isolated at the thought of not being in the heart of the resort, let us assure them. Just because their piste map hasn’t been spread out on the dining table, collecting coffee stains and croissant crumbs, it doesn’t mean that their day isn’t of any less importance and their chauffeur isn’t available for them. With a raft of activities to enjoy, the skiers in the group might become a little envious of Auntie’s ice-driving antics or Will’s staggeringly beautiful snowshoe route discovered that morning. From ice-skating, perfectly equipped sports centers, ice-karting, skidoo rides, helicopter sightseeing tours, horse drawn sleigh rides, museum visits and some of the World’s finest restaurants, you might say that their options are looking greater than your choice of pistes today. 

Suddenly, the magic has returned to that choice of chalet you initially fell in love with. Your resplendent chalet, perched in its truly enviable prominent position is the envy of everyone. There is something rather magical about taking your champagne flute out onto the terrace and watching the twinkle of town lights below. That superior feeling of gratification when, with canapé in the other hand, you’re already one step ahead of the game and surveying tomorrow’s territory. 

There’s also that blissful peace of mind that you have just gained the ultimate in parent points. With your teenagers striving for independence and the reassurance of a highly trained professional chauffeur, let them be trusted with venturing into the resort for the evening. With a pre-arranged pick up, you can sink back into your snowfa with your favourite digestif knowing that they won’t be relying on their appalling sense of direction to return home safe tonight. With your peace of mind intact and their independence levels severely ramped up a few degrees, what more could you ask for? Are you sure that the chauffeur team can’t come home with you?

As your friends in high places, we prefer our luxury in other guises, rather than based solely on the fundamental reliance of ski-in ski-out. With this newfound sense of freedom, we look forward to introducing and welcoming you to many more of your favourite weeks to come.