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Pure Altitude: Beauty & Mountains Combined

Pure, natural and born of the mountains – discover the perfect pampering treat on your ski holiday.


One of the delights of working with wonderful businesses in the Alps is getting to know their stories and history. Pure Altitude started in the beauty and peace of Megève, in the French Alps. Jocelyne Sibuet, the owner of the wonderful Fermes de Marie Hotel created an Alpine garden and working with a botanist discovered the ski care benefits of the edelweiss plant. This led to the development of a ski care range that combined her two passions - mountain lifestyle and beauty.

 “Three key words guided me in creating each formula of the Pure Altitude skin care range. First of all, Rarity - that of natural active ingredients extracted in optimum conditions to preserve all their beneficial effects. Next, Technicity – that of skin care products on the cutting edge of plant-based cosmeceutics, involving intensive cellular regeneration. And finally, Pleasure – that sought by the women I had in mind when I created the range.” Jocelyne Sibuet, founder of Pure Altitude

The mountains have always been a place to regain energy: a territory where oxygen, in shorter supply at high altitudes, provides a rare, pure air that stimulates the body. An area where plants have had to develop defences to survive & flourish in the harsh climate and extreme conditions. A landscape of riches, filled with natural powers and virtues: stimulation, protection, regeneration and resistance.
Botanical extracts have always nourished body and mind alike with their energy and force. Inspired by how much the mountains have to give and the active ingredients they provide, all treatments and rituals are designed in complete synergy with the natural Pure Altitude skincare range, with proven results and rich textures for a unique sensory experience in the heart of the Alps.

With its exclusive anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties, the Edelweiss naturally stood out as the key ingredient & the flower became the brand's emblem. The Edelweiss provides powerful, natural protection against external aggressions et the signs of skin ageing. In the formulas, it is used in association with around fifty plant types et minerals that offer numerous virtues. Edelweiss extracts allows products to soften, hydrate and nourish; its anti-oxidants combat free radicals and it protects and regenerates the skin. All the edelweiss flowers used by Pure Altitude are grown in the hills above Champéry in Valais, Switzerland and all products are made in France.

Enjoy some wonderful, calming, relaxing R&R with Pure Altitude at the Fermes de Marie spa or at the sister hotels, Lodge Park and Mont Blanc in Megève.

Pure, natural and born of the mountains – perfect for a pampering treat on your ski holiday.